One Week to go!

Well I must say it seems quite perfect that Barb and I leave a week today & here in Toronto it is snowing up a storm. Grey, Grey, Grey!
I’ve gotten all my electronics in ship shape order, the rather intimidating First Aid and “OH SHIT” safety lists are all done and now I just have to figure out how to pack for 6 weeks of completely different events!
LA is going to be marvelous darlings! Thanks to a wonderful concierge at the Bel Air, we will be doing all the Beverly Hills hot spots and playing serious tourists at the Universal Studios tour – gotta do that I think!
Our Air Safari in Australia starts on Feb 6th, if you access the GOOGLE EARTH site & put in the airport call letters you can follow our travels and actually see the places via satelite. Toowoomba – YTWB, Charleville – YBCV, Birdsville – YBDV, Coober Pedy – YCBP, Ayers Rock YAYE, Alice Springs – YBAS, Boulia – YBOU, Longreach – YLRE, Fraser Island – ?, and back to Toowoomba.
Back to work now so much to do before we leave!

One thought on “One Week to go!

  1. Higlad to hear that you are heading our way. Make sure you pack your shorts and t-shirts as its pretty warm here this time of year. Today is 35 degrees which I think is pretty close to your 100 degrees Fahrenheit. What type of aircraft are you doing your tour in?I am sure you will enjoy your visit to our unique and friendly town.Steve BainesMayor, Coober Pedy

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