Cheers from LA LA LAND!

KIM – OK – it has taken a couple of days to post a new comment – Google didn’t like my account – what you get with a name like Kim Smith I suppose!
Barb & I are staying at The Bel Air & I have to say it is probably one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever stayed in. They absolutely cocoon you in care & comfort. We were up graded to a garden suite with a fireplace which has been such a hardship! The grounds are spectacular with all the recent rains & although it is clear and sunny it is also very chilly – well not like Toronto right now I gather, but considering that we are packed for 35+ C. it is challenging! The fireplace is getting a good workout & I’m sitting in front of it as I write.
Dinner on the Terrace here in the hotel on Tuesday night was lovely – Barb & I both had the tasting menu – 6 courses and asked the sommelier to create a wine pairing for each course – right up my alley! They heat the terracotta floors so we were toasty warm.
Yesterday we spent all day at Universal Studios on their VIP tour – very much worth the extra expense. The rides and movie attractions are rather spectacular but by far the best part was to go behind the scenes on the sound lots and workshops etc. The writers strike actually worked in our favour as we had access to places that normally would be closed to the public.
Dinner last night was at CUT – Wolfgang Puck’s new restaurant – had Japanese Kobe beef and the best tempura onion rings! AND I met and got Chef Puck’s autograph – those who know me well will understand that I was more excited about that than sitting next to Vin Diesel (who had a hat on throughout dinner) (but he is actually pretty cute).
The cars out here are completely over the top – more Rollers that mini vans & the Masarati photo is for Garrett!
Barb’s turn now.
BARB- Well, there’s not much I can add to the above, other than to say that this vacation has started off in a spectacluar manner and could result in a very spoiled traveller. Oh well … the Australian outback should cure all of that ! Cheers for now Barbara 🙂

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