KIM – Once again the dreaded TECH Monster struck! Have had to move rooms as the first one was completely baffed technology wise!
The flights here were superb – if you are travelling LONG distances these flat beds in Business are the answer! None-the-less we were very tired by the time we got here, but it is 08:45 Monday morning local and we are preparing to tackle the day. Barb has been battling an upset tummy for the last couple of days but seems to be on top of it now so we are off to a Koala sanctuary – next posting will undoubtably have some unbearably cute koala photos to go along.
The hotel is ok – NOT the Bel Air though. Weather is about 25c and rainy which is making everyone here very happy. I gather the drought has been worriesom – even the hotel has a sign in the bathroom to shut off the water while brushing your teeth!
Alot of our fellow pilots for the Air Safari have checked in so i’m thinking of organising a cocktail party tonight (no surprise there) to meet and greet the Brits and so on.
Our intrepid leader Clare is staying at another hotel at the moment so we won’t meet up with him and our Aussie lead pilot until tomorrow for the first briefing.
On a completely weird note – the crows here really sound bizarre – just like in Mad Max – kinda drunk, stoned and hoarse all at the same time!

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