Brisbane – Day 2

KIM – Hello All!
Yesterday was a lot of fun! Ingrid who is one of the intrepid Pilots in the group, organised the trip to the Koala sanctuary. We started out by traveling up the Brisbane river by boat for about an hour & a half with colour commentary along the way. There were quite a few of the old Queensland style mansions on the banks – gorgeous wrap around balconies and wrought iron filegree work. The sanctuary was considerably better than I expected, alot of other native animals and the staff seem to be both very conscientious and knowledgable about their charges. We met kangaroos, wallabies, emu (you haven’t lived until you have had a staring contest with a bird taller than you!), dingos, wombats, assorted snakes and birds of prey and of course the KOALAS. The sanctuary has about 130 koalas, divided in seperate enclosures between moms and babies, teenagers, the boys club and the retirement home! I didn’t cuddle a koala – they aren’t the most responsive fellows I’ve met – the raptors are much more interactive – and gorgeous – but then I always been fond of birds of prey. unfortunately I didn’t recharge my camera battery before heading out so I have NO pictures. I’m going to snag some from Ingrid and post them later. Back on the boat for a bit of lunch and a cool brew and a teeney bit of sun which gave me quite a good start on the pilots tan! The sun here is really strong even through heavy cloud cover.
Last evening eight of us went to dinner at a place called “tukka” – bush tucker & gourmet Australian cuisine. Most of us went for the 5 course tasting menu with accompanying wines. Very enjoyable – mostly! The crocodile was a tad fishy but the wild fruit chutney with it was terrific. The Emu was very nice and compensated nicely for the staring contest I’d lost earlier!

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