Kim – Today we start our Air Safari! The weather has been a concern, ceiling at about 2000 ft. and heavy rains with some thunderstorms. This morning we woke to clear skys, sunshine and low winds! Perfect!
Dad – we spent about 4 1/2 hours yesterday afternoon going through a very detailed flight briefing, SARS procedures, desert survival and received all our flight documents. We have the ERSA book, the AIP Planning, ERC Low, Visual Terminal and Topographical Charts – 17 in all – big country! There are some interesting variations on flight procedures here with the biggest one being the air density factor for takeoff in +40 c temperatures! Not something we usually have to deal with in Canada I gather!
Our lead pilot Graham has been flying the outback since the 60’s and really appears to know his stuff. He is also a lawyer by profession so he is pretty keen on doing things “right”.
Time to go, Barb has to pick up our plane here in Brisbane and do her check flight on the way over to Toowomba.
G’Day for now.

One thought on “Toowoomba

  1. Wow Kim and Barb: What fabulous start to your trip in LA! We are all so envious here in Toronto as we suffer thru yet another snow storm…Love seeing your updates and pictures, is there a spare mansion to rent? Les

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