Sunday in Coober Pedy

KIM – hello again – we have been in the DEEEEP desert and NO access to the outside world – no cell phones, no internet and only one telephone line out! it is hard to imagine in this day and age!
Lots to catch up on but I only have a few minutes before dinner so I’ll do a couople of postings as I can tonight.
First off I should have kept my mouth shut when I was being so positive about the weather because of course by the time we got to the airport it started to sock in and Barb, Chris and Alan and Graham (our fearless lead pilot) couldn’t get their planes into Toowoomba for the next day take-off.
We were all invited that evening to a BBQ at friends of Grahams – lovely people and a lovely spread – they certianly raised the bar for backyard dinners! Champagne to start – Kim was happy and Pavlova for dessert – Barb was happy. As consolation goes for the earlier part of the day the company and dinner more than did the job.
Gotta go and wash off a couple of pounds of red dust before dinner but will be back soon.

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