Uluru Part 2

KIM – Happy Valentines Day everyone!
We are about to head over to the airport for the next leg of our journey to Alice Springs. I’ve always been interested in AS ever since reading Neville Shute’s “A Town Called Alice” – not that there will be any similarities I trust!
Yesterday was busy and interesting. I had a sunrise date with Alice the camel. A lovely lady with eyelashes to die for and a not unpleasant spicy/musty scent. We set off in caravan for the sunrise and a lesson in aboriginal survival techniques. The country around Uluru is more properly called semi-arid as opposed to desert and with the recent rains it is bursting with life! I saw flocks of wild Budgies – lovely iridescent flashes of colour and just as noisey as our domestic ones. there are also more lizards of every size and description than you can shake a stick at!
After Alice I did a walkabout with Cassidy Uluru an aboriginal guide and his interpreter. Personly I think he speaks perfectly good english but as the interpreter looked like a young Keanu Reeves I was quite happy to go along with the process! We walked a wonderful dreamtime story and saw the painted caves. Cassidy had an interesting way of telling the story in that he would only talk about that part of the story when we were in the proper location. If you asked a question that wasn’t in sequence you’d be ignored until you were in the right spot and than get a long and involved response. It was a little difficult to follow at first because by the time he answered a question I’d already moved on to something else. We did get ourselves sorted out eventually and it was a wonderful experience. Cassidy took us right past all the do not enter signs. over the stay inside these lines fences right into the caves. We had to sit down on the ground while he talked and drew pictographs in the sand. I found the sound of his voice and the language quite hypnotic. A special experience!
It looks like the bus is pulling up so time to go!

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