Still in Toowoomba

KIM – Weather is still holding us back so I actually have some time to post a few pictures – which takes alot of time!
The latest estimate is departure at 10:45 – maybe!
I think most of us are ready to move onto the next phase either back to Canada, onto NZ and Fiji or in Bob’s case off to watch his wife do a triathalon – way cool!
Some miscellaneous observations – Aussie seem to have a love/hate relationship with table napkins – I know that sounds bizarre – they either don’t give you one or you get something about the size of a cocktail napkin. Boxed lunches in the aircraft with turbulance and no napkins have been events!
The bathrooms of various hotels can be categorized by their remotness – the further out you start to loose things like tissue and washclothes and every place we have stayed have given us three towels – not two and not four – just three for two people!
BARB – Well, I’m going to be known as the ‘lazy blogger’ since Kim seems to be doing all of the heavy blogging! Winding up a great adventure and looking forward to our next stop – New Zealand. Cheerio for now, Barbara 🙂

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