Brisbane – Sunday 24/02

KIM – Well it is our last day in Australia; we are off to the airport shortly for New Zealand and the next phase of the trip.
Last thoughts – Brisbane is a lovely vibrant city that Toronto could well emulate as far as waterfronts go. The area where we have been staying is called the South Bank – 25 years ago it was an ugly run-down half abandonded industrial area. Now it is full of hotels, dozens of interesting restaurants, a fabulous boardwalk and a free “beach & swimming” area. There are miles of walks, art scattered everywhere, cliff climbing, a sandlewood Bhuddist temple, an amphitheatre and more flowers and birds than you can imagine – cool ibis looking birds wander around everywhere. Yesterday Barb and I ambled down, had breakfast at a little cafe, worked the outdoor market and spent a couple of hours at the beach. Lots of families – very well behaved kids! Eventually the heat – 38c. drove us back inside and after a couple of glasses of wine with lunch I decided a nap was in order.
We had booked a dinner cruise and while the food was excellent – seafood platter, and the view was lovely it was a bit too “touristy”. I do believe we have become spoiled with our personalized small group!
I could easily see spending alot of time here in Australia, especially during our winter months. Much nicer than Florida say and the extra flying time is more than offset buy the gorgeous country. The people here have almost all been delightful, genuine, friendly and bend over backwards helpful!
See you in Auckland!

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