Auckland – Monday 25-02

KIM – Barb and I are going out for dinner shortly – it is about 9 p.m. but we are still on Brisbane time and Auckland is 3 hours behind! We had a lovely day, walked around town most of the morning quite aimlessly and bought a few little gifts. At 2 we went out on one of the two America’s Cup sailboats they have here for training crew. They are very serious here about winning the Cup back! Great fun indeed, I’d almost forgotten how much I like sailing! I think it was Barb’s first time but she was very game and didn’t REALLY mind being on the low side when she (the boat not Barb!) heeled over! Handles like a dream, sunny with about a 20 knot wind and a seriously cute crew too! Us “old” ladies have to pick our pleasures as we can! Actually not at all true – I did get winked at by one fellow but I think there are rules about almost cradle robbing – aren’t there?
Anyway out for another great meal I suspect, we haven’t had to suffer through too many bad ones unfortunately – I think some elastic waistbands are going to be in order for us both before long!
We are off tomorrow to Wharekauhau – not a clue how to pronounce that but I’m sure we will find out soon. I suspect there may not be internet so don’t worry if you don’t hear from me foe a bit!
TTFN Barb says hi to all!

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