Wharekauhau – 28-02

KIM – I’m sitting at the lodge’s computer looking out over one of the most beautiful spots on earth! There are perfect boxwood hedges which give way to spectacular gardens, to long sloping lawns, tranquil ponds, huge paddocks full of grazing sheep and then beaches with fur seals lolling on them and finally the straits between the north and south islands. There are mountains to my left and a very large Harrier hawk is working the thermals over head. The lodge lives up to its surroundings as well and the staff have been incredible! I didn’t think anything could beat the Bel Air but this place very well may.
There is a couple here who are looking for the perfect place to get married and they think this may be it. It is extraordinarily romantic just from the sheer beauty of the place!
BTW – it is “Farykoohoo” – WH is pronounced as F in Maori.
Yesterday we toured around the home farm in four wheel drives – only 5,000 acres! Saw a demonstration of sheep shearing – they had a young ram who was to be sold so they needed to shear him first and then the shepherd worked his dogs for us. Very long legged rangy sheep dogs who respond entirely to whistles. They are divided into two types – the herders and the barkers. There was also a Jack Russell named “Jack” – no imagination there! Jack of course was the boss, at least in his own mind, got in the way of everything and worked the group shamelessly!
In the afternoon we drove off to some wine tastings and found a great Pinot Noir – Tirohana is the name of the vineyard but unfortunately they have a very small production!
Our helicopter will be coming to pick us up shortly – that was a lot of fun coming in very low over the trees and I get the front seat going back!
We are off to Queenstown for three days and then Christchurch.
CHeers all.

One thought on “Wharekauhau – 28-02

  1. Hi Kim and Barb,Excellent work on this blog. I’m following it faithfully.So you’re headed to the south island. Where will you go from there? When are you coming home?Do you have a website where you’re posting all of your pics?No big news from back home here.Stay well.Hugs, Ann

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