Punatapu – Queenstown Sunday 02-03

KIM – It is about 10 a.m. Sunday and are car is coming to take us back to the airport to go on to Christchurch.. Once again our hosts are letting me use their computer so I can post a few comments. Queenstown is a very picturesque, touristy sort of place full of extremely fit “adrenaline junkies”. Unfortunately the weather hasn’t been cooperating so we didn’t get out to Milford Sound. Instead Sue (host) arranged for a car & driver to take us around and see the sights. Our driver, Charles was wonderful – and absolutely gorgeous – it must be something in the water – and we spent the day traipsing all over the place. Varied country – parts looks as if you were somewhere in Europe – all neat farms and tall cyprus trees and parts look like they have never seen the hand of man. We had a perfect tasting lunch and wine at a winery known for its Pinot Noirs – it is a tough life I must tell you – but SOMEBODY has to do it! We watched the bungee jumpers for a bit – I’d definitely like to try that if my surgeon would give my knee the go ahead – maybe next time!
We visited an artists studio. At dinner the night before I was admiring a painting hanging in the diningroom and Sue gave me the artists name. Sure enough one painting started talking to me the moment we walked in the door – I should learn to not listen but that wouldn’t be any fun would it? I shall have the very first Mark Thomas “Still Pond” in Canada. It is reminiscent of Monet’s “Water Lilies” series I think. Barb also bought a – smaller – landscape painting which she is carrying home!
I hope Christchurch is warmer – I’m quite nithered and I don’t have enough warm clothes for this place! Fiji will be most welcome!
I’ll try to post again in Christchurch and hopefiully add some pictures but I won’t have data access in Fiji, only voice. Once I leave NZ any more comments will have to await my return to Toronto.
Cheers all

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