Auckland Airport – 03-03

KIM – Final posting before dissappearing into the blue, blue waters of Fiji!
Finally we ahd a disappointing visit. Christchurch wasn’t much fun and we couldn’t find much to recommend it overall. First off the weather which had started to bother us in Queenstown hit Christchurch with a vengence. It was about 10 c – I know those of you in Toronto with the worst winter in ages will hava a hard time scraping up any sympathy – very windy and driving rain. When your wardrobe has been mostly geared for 40 c+ weather, it isn’t nice! OUr lodge was nice enough I suppose but noisy, not personal and bloody cold! And it was out in the ‘burbs so we couldn’t even walk into town. There I’m officially finished whinging!
We did walk a bit to an Indian restaurant called “Two Fat Indians” for a lovely meal. I’m not terribly conversant with indian food but Barb pronounced it quite good so that was fine for me.
This morning we headed to the airport three hours early – NOTHING else to do – and spend a pleasurable time at the Antarctica Centre. Christchurch is the staging area for about 70% of all antarctic activity. Pretty cool exhibits and they have a Fairy Penguin rescue centre there as well which was thoroughly enjoyable – tiny little fellows and they are having a tough time with the feral cats, dogs and ferrets on the island – poor things!
Flight called – gotta go!

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