If I ever needed an excuse for this trip all I have to do is look out my office window! For those of you in Toronto you’ll know what I’m referring to – it has been snowing since about 5 am and shows no sign of stopping – “light flurries” indeed. Friday the city sent around a front-end loader, bobcat and dump truck to spend 6 hours moving the snow out of my cul-de-sac so people and their cars could get in! “They” should stop talking about Global Warming and just start referring to Global Change instead! Might get more believers and converts that way!
I’m starting to get packing panic – I hope to have the time to pull it all together on Friday. I suppose if I can handle Australia, NZ and Fiji in one trip I can do this – however Italy is just a tad more stylish than the outback I think. On the other hand, as my girlfriends reminded me last night at dinner – I can always buy anything I need or forget in Rome – think I can somehow forget to pack any shoes?
Got to go, still trying to wrap up myriad details on all my projects and take my Cold F/X!