how cool is this _ my Blog sign in is in Italian!
It about 8:30 Sunday night & I’m trying really hard to stay up past 9 pm. Harder than you think as I didn’t sleep a wink on the flight over – snore city beside me!
My apartment is a perfect tiny jewel of a place – pictures tomorrow when I am actually competent – the ceilings have to be 20 feet and incredible and I’m right between the Piazza Navona and the Campo dei Fiori – Talk about location! It may have taken quite a while to find and cost a tad more than I thought but definitely forth it.
Some immediate thoughts as I had dinner on the Campo dei Fiori – I couldn’t remember the tipping protocol – been to Italy many times but for the last few years mostly on wine tours so not applicable! how embarrasing!
Everyone out walking seemed to have a dog – saw afgans, borzoi, bulldogs and chichauaus(sp?) and that only to the “C’s”! There is a tap in the middle of the piazza which seems to run constantly & all the dogs just walk up, pee on the one side and drink from the other which makes them considerably more adept and sophisticated than my pooch Port.
After getting settled in I walked a ways down the main-ish street in the neighbourhood and stopped at a grocery, picked up some basics, proscuitto, mortadella, grilled pepper, red, white and sparkling wines – would you believe they didn’t have any salt? This may be – finally – the opportunity to kick my salt addiction! I’m so not into sweets but give me a big bowl of popcorn with salt & butter & I’m in heaven!
Anyway, tomorrow is the start of classes so I’m off to bed – 1/2 l. of the vino della casa will help I;m sure.

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