Today was the first day of classes. I have the newly elected Bishop, second in command of the Fransiscan order, and the third in command of the Teaching Sisters of Notre Name (she told me her “title” but not being Catholic or much versed in the hierarchy of the religious orders – I promptly forgot)- also new to her post & Rome in my class – oh and the last member is a truly stunning woman from Thailand. I really will have to behave myself but it may improve my study skills. Where are all those yummy men?
The weather, while a vast improvement from Toronto is definitely nithery. It has been raining constantly and every Roman I speak to is complaining – apparently this is way over the top for them.
A couple of observations – There are an astonishing number of scooters and motorbikes and bicycles zipping all over the place – My neighbour across the street has an Olive tree growing on her rooftop terrace! – The storks are starting to arrive, I saw a couple circling over the street today – BIG white birds! – Do all these churches have congregations – there are so many! I saw two Carravagio’s today in one of those churches – some allegorical tale but with neither guide book nor guide I hadn’t a clue – which will have to be rectified soon.
I must say I’ve settled in rather well – as you all know I love my creature comforts! As I write this I’m listening to some great music courtesy of iTunes, I have a nice glass of wine to facilitate the process and a huge bouquet of tulips is just starting to unfold in front of me – 5 Euro at the market! I shall finish my homework and meander down to the Piazza Navona for dinner – a couple of restaurants there look worthy of investigation!
Cheers all!

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