Today is Sunday and it has been an emotionally vibrant day in many respects. It has been an unusually sunny day and I spent most of it wandering around by the Tiber and into the Forum just absorbing ambiance. I am always moved by history – I suppose because of my transient up bringing I find the visible march of time very poignant. Certainly looking at a lot of Rome’s layers can’t help but bring out the wonder in any of us. I find myself vacilating between a sort of greedy “I don’t have to share this with anyone” and a rather wistful “I wish I had someone to talk to about all this” state of mind.
I had dinner and an after dinner wine and cheese on the Piazza Navone – becoming a favourite spot – and a group of young French girls escorted by nuns stopped and began singing a lovely a capella ensemble. I actually had tears running down my cheeks – they were so beautiful. I really am a romantic softy – although most of my people wouldn’t think so I imagine.
The procession of people past my table and around me this evening was particularily fetching. The table to my left had a threesome – and I use that word advisedly – the young lady had both gentlemen hanging on her every word, gesture and movement, then to my right a very “clever couple” intelligentsia written all over them, behind me were a middling couple, very attractive but the man wore a cream coloured fuzzy sort of cloche much like someones grandmother in Toronto would wear out to church! Highly ridiculous! Choked on my wine when they sat down trying not to giggle!

Barbara, you’ll appreciate this one – last time we were here the Tiber was a tiny stream dribbling through the banks and looked in danger of disappearing completely – well right now it is overflowing its banks and the high water mark is about 15/20 feet higher!
I’ll be glad to get back to school tomorrow – I love being here but it is a bit lonely.

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