Today is Saturday and I’ve not been able to post for the last few days due to internet difficulties – technology is grand until it doesn’t work and then where are you?

Thursday was a chilly but sunny day so I think I walked a gazillion miles. After classes I had lunch in a sunny sheltered spot just outside the Pantheon and listened to gypsy fiddlers and then headed over to the Forum and the Colosseum. I’ll have to see if I can find a good book on the Roman timeline – I’m quite fascinated with Trajan! He seems to have been an extraordinary individual at a time when there were no shortages of larger than life figures. I haven’t yet been in either the Forum or the Colosseum, just did an enormous walk around the perimeters. They really built for the ages!

Although the weather has been iffy – at the moment it is colder here than in Toronto – this seems to be the right time of year to avoid alot of the crowds. As you see from some of the pictures there are still tourists – lots of Japanese for some reason – but no real line ups or hordes.

I am working on getting over the “hump”; I find that on long trips – somewhere around day 10/14 the novelty and newness starts to wear off but the routine and comfort level haven’t quite settled in yet so you feel completely out of sorts. At least there isn’t anyone else here to bicker with!

Yesterday was so cold that I was wishing for my fur coat! I’ve found a terrific (indoor!) restaurant which has a daily menu based on the freshest local produce. Had dinner there again last night and chatted with a lovely English couple at the next table – drank entirely too much wine!

I also had coffee with a fellow who works at one of the restaurants in the Piazza Navona – which is one of my favourite spots – and I may have found a language buddy! He wants to work on his English & I certainly need to work on my Italian – yah!

Time to head out to the market for some fresh fruit and veggies, try a new hairdresser (you’d think it wouldn’t be that hard to find one!) and have some lunch. I’ll be eating in this evening – it is St. Valentine’s Day & I have NO desire to be a part of that – especially solo!

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