Ciao mi amici!

My two guests have settled in nicely and we have been having fun. Saturday was market day, we shopped and provisioned – we are talking about three confirmed foodies here – and had a lovely lunch. We met up with a friend of mine who lives here and walked over to Trastevere, visited the mosaics in Santa Maria in Trastevere again – I don’t imagine I’ll ever tire of them – and had dinner in a terrific restaurant called Trilusse. Shaved black truffles on fettucine and a bottle of Prunotto Barbaresco – heaven!! Terrific spot – full of Italian families but not even slightly busy until after 9 – 9:30. Two bottles of wine later and we had to stop for a nightcap at my favorite watering hole. This morning was a tad slow!
Never-the-less we headed off to the Forum(s), Coliseum and the Palatine. Did something I NEVER do which is join a guided tour but it was actually a great idea. Our guide was funny, factual and interesting and managed to put all we were seeing into its proper place or perhaps perspective is more accurate. Thoroughly enjoyable even if I did feel like a lemming! We walked miles & miles & miles! Carla wants to go back in time to see how they really lived then – I think that as usual if you were rich you lived very,very well!
The evening has been low keyed – no surprise there – but Sandra cooked up a fabulous dinner out of whatever was in the fridge – she has such a way with pasta!
Alla prossima volta!

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