Yesterday when I was updating I forgot the most unusual thing. Leslie and I walked over to the Via Veneto and the church of Santa Maria della Concezione and its extremely bizarre, macabre collection of bones in its crypt. From 1631 to 1870 the remains of deceased Capuchin monks and sundry poor Romans were enterred here. Now I’ve seen ossuary crypts before but this one is unique. There are 6 individual crypts: the crypt of the Skulls, the Pelvises, the Leg And Thigh Bones, the Three Skeletons etc. The bones have been arranged – quite artistically as they are proud to point out – as floral displays, as lamps, propping up mummified monks, lining the walls, embedded in the walls, embedded in the ceilings, telling allegorical tales and so on. I hesitate to impose my own thinking over that of others – well at least in religious matters – but I have to wonder whostarted it, why they started it, why they kept it going and who was responsible for creating the “art”. I can imagine a conversation going something like “So how was your day Brother?” “Well it was good but I’m having a hard time finding the right bones to create the Floral Arrangement for the back wall!”
It is however a big money maker these days – quelle surprise! Google “The Crypt of the Capuchins” and see what I mean. You can’t take pictures there which I rather approvel of so there you go.
Dinner at home tonight and i’m making steamed artichokes, caprese salad and a plate of antipasti with a nice crisp Friuli white.

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