Rome – February 2010

Hello all – its been quite awhile!
I’m back in Rome for February and March and studying Italian again. I shall be 90 by the time I have mastered it but I will master it. “Sol per sfogare il core.” Which means “Just to set the heart free.” Isn’t that the loveliest way to put it?
I have been here since the end of January but courtesy of Google, unable to access my Blog up until now – you see I had to open a new Google account to then get to my Blog but all the instructions were in Italian and the dictionary doesn’t really cover “computer speak” and then the internet kept dropping out ……! So FINALLY here I am.
Arriving back in Rome was a bit like coming home; I knew the streets and places and the shops and so forth. The most amazing part was that everyone remembered me from last year which I found very flattering – Italians I’ve met are such warm and wonderful people. Even Signora Franca, the vegetable lady at the Campo dei Fiori remembered me – I got a big hug and she dragged her daughter Sonia over to give me a big hug and I had to hear all the news. You have to understand that Signora Franca has no top teeth, always bellows at the top of her lungs and speaks faster than a carny.  So by the time she was finished everyone in the market knew I was back: the butcher, the baker, the flower lady…etc. She also had what had to have been the oldest and ugliest teeney, tiny little dog who’d chomp on your fingers given half a chance. Well she (the dog not Signora Franca) passed away at a ripe old age and has been replaced by her younger clone, called quite grandly – Hortensia – the name is bigger than the dog – and she also tried to bite me. Maybe it’s just me…?

Classes at the school didn’t start until last Tuesday so I picked up some  private lesson to get back up to speed – sort of. My brain is definitely getting menopausal!

My girlfriend Leesa was here for a week and I know she’s regretting not extending the stay. Next time!!! I’ve been back to my favourite bar & restaurant a couple of times and was again hugged and kissed to death the first night. Leesa and I had a fabulous dinner there the night before she left which was great fun. Between everyone being pleased to see me and Leesa’s world class ability as a flirt, we were treated like royalty. I bet the other patrons were wondering who the hell we were?
On Friday we had snow for the first time in over 25 years. Rather ironic as part of the reason for coming to Rome is to escape the cold and Toronto is having an extremely mild and snowless winter so far.

So there you have it!
I’m working on my top 55 Italian verbs and all their tenses. Oh the joys!  Seeing as it is St. Valentine’s Day I shall head out a little later for an aperitivo or two…
Ciao belli

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