It is the most beautiful Saturday! I’ve been to the market, dragged everything home, put it all away and now I’m just waiting for Garrett to wake up. Having him here to visit has been such a treat as I haven’t really seen him since September. The couple of days he was home at Christmas were mostly about seeing his buddies, so a week of his concentrated company has made this Mom very happy! We have had a grand time – wandering all over Rome, some museums, a great many pizzas, lots of beer and wine and conversation! My boy has turned out to be a lovely young man if I do say so!
Lots of other interesting things have been happening too. One of my Roman friends took me to a little seafood restaurant WAY off the tourist path. We drove around and around and around looking for parking – in Rome it is practically a contact sport, so I have NO idea where the restaurant is now. It is the kind of place where the lighting is office bright – presumably to see the food better. The owner spent at least half an hour with us discussing which fish were the freshest and which ingredients would enhance each fish and which order to have each dish etc. – you get the idea? There were alot of very large, very serious gentlemen sitting at big tables and I was the only woman in the place besides “la nonna”. Probably one of the best seafood dinners I’ve had in a long time.
Right now we are overrun by men in Kilts (Leesa are you listening?) for a six nation Rugby tournament Italy is hosting. The Scots are certianly making their presence known. We have been serenaded on several occasions by the bagpipes – a case for racial memory if ever there was one – you either love them or hate them passionately! Going out in the evening for a drink has become much more entertaining and some of the sights I’ve seen… lets just say that these Scots like to “go commando”.
Garrett goes home tomorrow and then I have a couple of weeks off before my next guest arrives. I think a few meals at home will be in order. The one problem with travelling for a long time is that i miss cooking, for myself and for others! Perhaps it is time I had a dinner party – hmmm!
I hear signs of life coming from Garrett’s room so I’ll sign off for now; the piazza and the sunshine are beckoning..

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