Just a very quick note as I’m supposed to be studying for an exam tomorrow! This is my little street and I live in the furthest right building. It is the baby on the block as it is only about 4 or 5 hundred years old! As you can see they get progressively older, smaller and more in need of restoration. The next picture is at the start of the street – La Chiesa De Santa Maria Della Pace with it’s famous cloisters by Bramanti.
It is raining again but getting steadily milder. When the sun comes out we are all like little lizards basking in the heat and then scurrying away as it cools. Spring is deffinitely sprung and romance is in the air….

I KNOW this is going to sound incredibly cliched but somebody in my building is playing the cello. I’ve heard them before but thought it was a recording as it is that good. But today they are running scales and practice pieces. Absolutely amazing!
I cannot get over my incredible good fortune in being able to spend so much time here, meet so many wonderful people and have such adventures!

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