Still in Cape Town

Day two in Cape Town has been devoted to wines – such a hardship!
Our first tasting at 10 am no less, was comprised of both wines and chocolate. This of course made both Barbara and I quite happy. As usual that first wine was a little “chewy” but fortunatly the winerys tend to know this so the first one is usually not a distinguished vintage. I had a superb Shiraz, a mediocre Cabernet – which to be fair isn’t my fav anyway and a rather interesting special blend vintage which should be superb in another 5/6 years but is pricey. Bought the Shiraz for my sweetie.
Then a drive over to Franchhoeck for their annual wine tasting festival! We did do a little power shopping, found some shoes naturally and almost went nuts in a gallery but somehow managed to restrain myself. The increasing scarcity of my wall space may have had something to do with that. What a gorgeous valley – another place I could see myself settling in with vineyards and olive orchards and mountains and great restaurants and….. Well you get the idea?
Had lunch at a superb place overlooking the valley, perfect glass of viognier and a strolling opera singer to top it off. Lastly “champagne” and oysters at our final stop. Needless to say we were very relaxed returning to the hotel. Poor Fran not being able to enjoy the tastings but very lucky us.
Dinner last night was at the Gold Museum where they do a dinner hilighting the various cuisines of Africa and provide entertainment also from different parts of the continent. Quite touristy but very well done and thoroughly enjoyable – recommended.
Today we are having a slightly more leisurely start, taking the ferry to Robben Island to visit the old penal colony and then the Two Oceans Aquarium…
More later.
BTW due to technical difficulties I can’t post pictures but once I talk to our genius Mark I’m sure that will be fixed so please be patient!!!

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