Mark Brooks and I are sitting in the only spot in this entire lodge with supports WIFI – practically on top of each other too!
It has been an extremely tiring day. We spent the morning with the senior ATC controller reviewing procedures and regulations and then the afternoon doing our licence validations. Well I say “we” but it wasn’t actually me but I rode a along to learn the radio procedures – challenging considering the different accents – both theirs and ours!
We are all done and accredited!
Tomorrow we are off to Soweto to visit the township and I don’t really know what to expect. Most everyone talks about how friendly everyone is and how pleased they are to meet foreigners but… So I shall report back soon.
Friday we head off to the Kalahari – our instructor today had some interesting hints and tips for flying “off the beaten path”. Wrap your aircraft tires in thorn bush to discourage the hyenas from eating the rubber, watch out for giraffe feeding on the side of the runways. The connection between their necks and our wings doesn’t usually work out well, lions love to lie in the shade of your planes wings and elephants are mightily curious about the planes to the point of covering them with mud.
So I shall also report back on that….!

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