Once again a brilliant day. At the moment we are sitting in the lobby of the Hertford – remember when I said we were sitting on top of each other? Val has been writing out our navigation aides to get to this restaurant – MOYO – that Mike Koff organized for tonight.
Soweto was extremely interesting but I kept thinking about what our reception would be if we bussed a bunch of tourists to Jane & Finch to “check out the locals”. Fortunately the residents of Soweto are considerably more courteous.
The markets were well spread out, with a diverse selection of dry goods but very limited fruits/veggies. We saw some native herbalists (some of the tonics looked positively toxic) and the combination cobbler/barber.
Our lunch was at a “diner” called Robby’s with homemade food and Castle beer. Right across from the Soweto Golf Course. Soweto is an interesting place, there are plenty of middle class homes and yet still alot of tin shacks with no water or electricity. By far the highlight was the visit to the Kliptown Youth Project. There are two brothers 27 & 24 running this place, which is in the poorest part of Soweto and the place is an immaculately clean,open space with class rooms, a library, kichen, solar powered TV and marvelous little laptops for the students. The whole point of the place is to encourage the students to finish school, high school, finish university, learn a useful trade and generally improve their lives. I suppose just giving them an opportunity to see that there is another life beyond the townships. Anyway it was enormously impressive – the energy and dedication of these people!
Today – Thursday? – we traipsed all over the veldt with a paleo/archeologist by the name of Christine in an area called The Cradle of Humanity. I shall report in much greater detail later but I’m working with limited bandwidth her and a lot of ground yet to cover.
The balance of the day was spent with the Hanks – who have put this Air Safari together going over the trip details. A LOT of data, flight planning, safari “how to’s”, survival equipment, animal behavior, etc, etc!! The Hanks live WAY out in the country with spectacular views – Ostrich and wildebeests next door but the road is something else. I felt like I was driving a rally race!
After the Cross country walk we were all very Dirty and sweaty so many showers back at the hotel and of course we ran out of hot water!
More to come later. I have to go now.
Have I mentioned the connectivity problems…..?

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