Tomorrow the real deal

Tomorrow morning starts very bright and early as we are finally flying out to Botswana and the Kalahari. I think everyone is nervous about clearing the Lanseria airspace but once we have done that and customs (2) we will be on our way. I can’t wait!!!
Some general comments: we had so may negative comments about SA while in Toronto and in large part from expats but our experience here has been overwhelmingly positive. Perhaps it is a bit of sour grapes or just remembering how things may have been when “they” left or just that as tourists we have been lucky but I haven’t had a moments worry and have only felt that the normal precautions you would take in any large strange city were necessary.
The group dynamics are coalescing nicely but we are just coming up on the hump – that point when you are tired of your traveling companions but haven’t yet settled into a completely comfortable routine with them. That can make or break a group especially when you have as diverse and Alpha a bunch as this one!
We are unlikely to have any Internet until Victoria Falls but at that point I REALLy hope I’ll be able to catch up and actually post some great pictures.
Miss everyone!!

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