Haina – Part Two

I had a quiet hour on my little porch while the pilots were doing their briefing (which I should have sat in on but?) and thought that perhaps I didn’t really need to go tearing around in the landrover as pretty much all the wildlife wandered past me as I sat! I just sat very still and turned down my music and watched the parade amble by. The only shy ones were the Kudu – I don’t think they liked my choice of music.
The staff at Haina were terrific and the food was very good. Trust and Onkx were our guide/rangers and both were incredibly good at finding the various animals and giving us zoology lessons. I’m getting rather good at identifying scat (poo to the layman don’t you know!) Although upon reflection, I think scat refers only to the cats and perhaps the antelope have manure so maybe I didn’t retain as much of the lesson as I thought?
Being in a desert environment meant that water was very scarce and ours was pumped up fron an underlying aquifer. Very salty! Tea takes on a whole new dimension let me tell you – coffee though is still pretty much the same. Showers were VERY short as the hot water comes from solar heated tanks – no night showers. Lighting is courtesy of candles and kerosene lanterns so once it is dark you are pretty limited indeed. We are so spoiled! On the flip side there is NO light pollution so the night sky is indescribably beautiful. I think the lodge should set-up an astronomy evening – mattresses and blankets on the runway with a guide pointing out the Southern constellations. I know the Southern Cross and Scorpio but after that I’m lost!
The morning we were to leave we saw the male lion at the far edge of the home waterhole so we spent several fruitless hours trying to find him – meanwhile the lionesses decided to review our aircraft. Deon who is the manager of the lodge took an amazing photo of them which I will try to include at some point.
So Haina was a brilliant introduction to our Air Safari.
Then its on to Shinde in the Okavango Delta.

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