Our first stop was Haina, which is properly pronounced “Hyena” and is confusing when you are talking about the hyenas at Haina!
Before we actually got there though we had the usual SNAFU with aircraft. Phil and Jane’s Cessna 182 developed Mag problems so they turned back to get another plane. Barb and I had Louis, our guide with us so we also turned back to see if there was anything we could do to help. The long and the short of it was that we were all much delayed getting into Haina and Phil and Jane ended up with a 172 ( remember this because I’ll be coming back to this!)
Haina is an amazing place, very dry and dusty, and a sort of scrub bush landscape. We set up in our tents and immediately went on a night drive. We were extremely fortunate to find a fresh lion kill – not for the faint of stomach or heart – and then later three lionesses. They were supremely unconcerned that we were within maybe 3 or 4 meters of them. They were in superb condition which surprised me a bit. I assumed that with the dry season the hunting would be more difficult but obviously not in their case. Lots of photos which are not great – my camera doesn’t take great night shots!
The next day and indeed all subsequent ones have been very busy. We were up at 5:30, quick light breakfast and off on an early morning game drive for 3 or 4 hours. With the bush you tend to play peekaboo with the animals or the ranger goes cross-country to find the game. The landrovers there are truely used for their proper purpose (Lawrence Park matrons beware!). We saw an aweful lot of antelope; Kudu, Impala, Wildebeeste, Giraffe, Eland….etc then warthog and amazing birds.
Back to camp for brunch a little leisure time and then off again on another drive.
Oh dear – I’m on the Zambezi Sun internet and there is a line up – have to sign off but I’ll come back shortly – back to the back of the line!

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