Victoria Falls are spectacular no question but I have to say that this stop is not one of the hilights of the trip. A number of things have conspired to cause this, we all seem to be hitting “The Dreaded Hump” that point in the trip when everyone needs a little time apart and to shake themselves down for the balance of the trip. The hotel we are booked into is OK but generic, it really could be anywhere in the world. I think I’d have much preferred forking out the extra to stay in the Royal livingstone with it’s rattan, fans, long sloping lawns and deck overlooking the river and falls! However second guessing is rather pointless so… We were all looking forward at least to getting laundry done but the staff staged a one day strike so no food or laundry or drinks or,or,or ……! We did manage to find a great Indian restaurant in town courtesy of Mike so dinner was accomplished and anyway it’s not like we are so suffering from lack of food that missing a meal or two is a hardship. Louis and I spent a couple of hours fiddling with photos, trying to get them downloaded to either my computer or a storage unit or something – limited success – and then lounging around the pool getting to know each other a bit. He is an absolutely yummy interesting man and very excited as he is planning on proposing to his girlfriend when she joins us in Mashatu. This of course has most of the women in the group quite thrilled!
I have also just found out that as I’m returning to Jo’burg with Phil and Jane in their NOW 172 NOT 182, that we have a serious weight issue. Yes I know I’ve been eating well so far but this plane just can’t take three people and all the attendant luggage. I am ot a happy camper, naturally the heaviest thing I’m carrying is my camera equipment and at this point it looks as though poor Barbara will be carrying my stuff back from Mala Mala and I won’t see it again until Toronto!!

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