After spending so much time in Rome these past few years it really feels like coming home. It truly is the Eternal City.
I’m staying at the Raphael, which is just off one of the main tourist attractions, the Piazza Navona, but it is a world away, quiet, calm and covered with ivy. I get to spend a little time with my sweetie and then my sister arrives. SPA day tomorrow!! Two days just isn’t enough but we have to be in Avellino on Saturday so I’ll make hay while the sun shines as they say!
More to come…
Last night we had dinner in the Piazza Farnese, Camponeschi Ristorante. Always one of my favorites and once again they came through brilliantly. Sandra, my Roman friend Josie and I had tasting menu basically of mushrooms, mushrooms and more mushrooms! We started with a salad of Egg mushrooms done in a vinaigrette, then angel hair pasta with white truffles shaved over it which was positively orgasmic, porcinin risotto, and finally grilled portobellos. A great Chablis and then a barbaresco from Michele Chiarlo topped it off and we were completely happy.
So now well be heading out for more great wines and food in Campagnia.

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