Catch Up Time

Well I have certainly been remiss lately! The only excuse I can give is that it has been such a busy time and so much has been packed into such limited time that a lot has been set aside for more leisurely times.
I’m now in Siena, which is a lovely little city. The sun is shining, the view from my hotel room is spectacular and I’m having a relaxed start to the day. The joys of a puttering around sort of start to a day are not to be overlooked.
The balance of our wine trip continued to be wonderful. We had interesting visits – I’m constantly surprised at the quality of white wines here. We also checked out a water buffalo mozzarella dairy, nice juxtaposition with the Cape Buffalo we met in Sout Africa. They appear the same but there is an indefinable difference in the way they look at you. The domestic ones are essentially cows, very bovine and calm and they really enjoy a good scratch, the Cape variety check you out with a view towards deciding if you are friend or foe and believe me they give the impression that they can take care of you either way!
Saturday was they end of the tour so I organized a day trip to Pompeii and Herculaneum for a bunch of us. We had the same guide I’ve used before and been very happy with -Stefano. Lovely man with a wicked sense of humor.
More later, tummy is rumbling and breakfast is calling….

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