Rome and the final leg

Ok it is official – I adore Bob the travel agent! We are staying at the Hotel Cavalieri which is situated on top of a hill past the Vatican. As I mentioned before it was third or forth choice and I wasn’t keen because it sits so far away from the centre of the city – no wandering about to my favorite spots. HOWEVER it is the perfect stop at the end of a long and very involved trip. There is a gorgeous pool where I intend on spending most of the day and an excellent couple of restaurants. We are staying on the Imperial floor which basically means all sorts of goodies, like breakfast sitting on a private balcony basking in the sun overlooking the city. Such a tough life!
I’m waiting now for my sweetie and a bittersweet reunion really, it will be great to see him, catch up on hugs etc. But then I won’t see him again until February. Oh well, it does make for romantic times!
More later…

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