Back Home

Well folks I’m back home, the laundry has been attended to, the mail has been dealt with, the inevitable problems fixed – more or less and I’m settling in for the next while. It is so nice to be home and sleep in my own bed and see friends and family. I suppose thats part of the pleasure of travelling – appreciating home.
Today has been the kind of perfect fall day that so seldom happens yet every one craves. Sandra and I spent most of it winterizing the garden, pulling weeds and putting away summer things – my back feels like nasty little demons are poking it with dull knives! The dogs decided it was walk time and we decided that they had the right of it before we seized up, so off we went. Impromptu football, frizzbee games, baseball and kite flying was the order of the day for everyone we came across.
Last night a group of the girls went to see “Priscilla Queen of the Desert”, we got all dolled up, hauled out the heels and sparklies, rented a limo and drank champagne. Darlings!!

The play is fabulous! I highly recommend it for anyone; raunchy, funny, bittersweet and the best costumes anywhere!
Now that I’m home and can post from my computer – instead of the IPad, I can go back and add some pictures to go with the blogs, so have another look if you like.
Believe it or not I’m already planning my next trip. I seems that Barbara’s niece is finishing her tour of duty in India – she is a senior Swiss diplomat. If we want to visit her and see the country we have to do so shortly – February is it I think. That means pushing back Rome to March and April and also when I’ll see my sweetie again but it is worth it I hope.

Thank goodness Barb and I are such good travelling buddies!

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