I am well into the final stages of getting organized for my trip to India and then onto Rome. As usual I seem to want to get everything done that I possibly can before heading off. Most of my family would say that I’m probably too organised but no matter how much I do before hand there is always something which bites me in the posterior at some point on my travels. So this time I’ll be gone for three months, one month in India and the balance in Rome of course. I have a new language school picked out and a new resolution to really, really try to only speak Italian while I’m there.
In the meantime I’m trying to refresh my French as Florence’s parents, Mary and Henri will be joining Barb and I for some of the trip and they speak very little English. If I’m not careful I may end up a polyglot which would be very cool indeed!
Christmas and New Years were busy with family and friends as is usual and also as usual I’m trying to be a good girl – no food or wine – or at least SENSIBLE amounts until my departure. Some of my jeans have suspiciously shrunk in the wash. Ah well!
More later…

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