Well now I’m on my way and it seems a miracle that I’ve actually made it this far. You see there was this fubar with the dentist and I ended up packing at about 11 last night. My original intention was to pack one suitcase for India and one for Italy but by the time I actually got down to it,  it was more a case of throwing things at the bags and hoping everything fit – I know I have a LOT of shoes but I’m not too sure about slacks or possibly undies for that matter. But as my dad once wisely said – as long as you have your passport and a credit card all the rest can be arranged. I LIKE THAT PHILOSOPHY but the real downside is of course when those credit card bills come due, as inevitably they do.
Barb and I are hanging out at the airport in Newark, New Jersey waiting for our LOOONG flight to New Delhi. I’m evesdropping on conversations and listening to this Jersey accent. I must confess I actually thought it was just a TV creation. If I hear one more person refer to “baby girl” – to a 50+ WOMAN!!
I’m starting to get “Snooky” as scary as that sounds.
We have a long wait in between flights but I’m already in travel mode – things take as long as they take and stuff happens and you just have to go with it. Besides I have this theory that that time in between where you were and where you are going is a sort of chrysalis time – you prepare for the new person you are going to be at your destination. I’m not entirely sure this theory applies for business travel, but travel for the pleasure of it almost requires you to change into something or someone  new – if you are going to be open to new experiences and different ways of looking at life, food, cultures everything really – then you can’t be same old, same old!
A wee bit of my philosophy.
It is so gray and dismal here and I can’t wait to land in Delhi – I imagine it will be much brighter, greener, warmer, vibrant….etc.  Although in retrospect I may be setting myself up for a big disappointment.
More later – Barb has pulled out the sea salt chocolate and a glass of red wine!

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