I’m sitting in the lounge at the Airport waiting for my flight to Munich/Rome. It is the first time I have been really alone in a month and it feels weird! No looking for the other(s), no hurrying to catch up, no waiting for anyone else and no one to discuss things with – completely weird.
I have had such a brilliant time and while I don’t suppose my observations are anything new, India is complex, complicated, intoxicating and completely exhausting. I think that one of the toughest parts for me, perhaps because there are only about 33 million Canadians, was the sheer number of people. If I let myself dwell on it I get a little crazy. Having said that almost without exception all the Indians I met were wonderful people. I am crazy about the way they seem to look at you for a moment most seriously and then break into the warmest smiles – you really KNOW you’ve been smiled at!
On the other hand I now have a true appreciation of the insane Indian drivers in Toronto! It comes naturally if you deal with traffic here. And I swear I’ll never again complain about Toronto traffic jams.
My hosts Florence and Arthur have been incredible, in fact this morning – very early, bless him – Arthur drove me to the airport when my taxi failed to show. Unfailing kindness and patience with my rudimentary French and such an ability to laugh and enjoy the day! They have been chosen for new and extremely prestigious postings, which I won’t speak about until they are official and so their tenure in India will be coming to an end shortly. I can’t thank them enough!
Calling my flight – time for the next leg in my travels.
Namaste and also Ciao