Samode Palace – somewhere in Rajasthan

I am sitting in the courtyard of this lovely golden palace with a lucent blue sky watching everything come to life and smelling faint whifs of incense. Sheer joy!
The drive here seemed like we were heading to the ends of the earth – narrower and narrower roads and finally down to a dirt track with enourmous potholes to finally arrive at this tiny village and tucked under a small mountain this perfect little palace. I have no idea why it is here but it has been by far the best place and experience to date.
There are poinsettia trees here in the gardens!

Last night we were treated to an Indian wedding – complete with camels and elephants in spectacular draperies and folderols, a marching band, fireworks, flower designs carefully arranged on all the courtyards, girls in bright saris throwing fragrant flower petals and a bridal couple from the US. He appears to be of Indian descent and she was certianly embracing the whole process – her parents looked quite bemused by the whole thing!
Today we have a 7 hour drive – I’ll catch up on some sleep & have to go as Anil is patiently waiting for us!

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