It is about 07:45 and I’m just waiting for Barbara so I have a few moments here to add to the journal. We are getting down to the last couple of days on this part of the trip and i have very mixed feelings – on the one hand it will be nice to sleep in the same bed for more than one or two nights, get some laundry done – and eat a salad; on the other hand I don’t feel as if I have seen or done nearly enough. This itinerary was very ambitious and I could easily have added a week onto it to actually feel like I’ve experienced some of these places.
The day before yesterday was another long drive down ridiculous roads to this small village calles Narlai. We stayed in this pretty haveli and had dinner – I noticed that quite a few people keep popping up in the same places – fellow travellers. Most everyone toddled off to bed quite early – the average tourist age is starting to creep up a bit around here. Barbara and I could hear a wedding going on in the village – you can’t really miss them what with the band, fireworks, cymbals, singing etc.etc. So we asked if it would be alright for us to watch for a bit. We ended up getting dragged into the whole thing and had a brilliant time. The older ladies of the village do seem to run things with an iron fist and the younger ones flirt in the same way girls do round the world.
Have to dash – breakfast, bus and touring await but I will find some time to add to this shortly!

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