I should know better by now to say something as silly as “I’ll get back to you shortly”. Doesn’t matter where you are in the world – as SOON as you say that you are guaranteed to be bedeviled for at least a couple of days. The Indians have something like 3000 gods – I believe they need to do the world a great service and lend the computer age, internet connectivity and entire hi-tech universe a few of them. I’d suggest Ganesh but he is pretty major so perhaps someone could make a suggestion – we need all the help we can get?
I am quite divided about the benefits of all this technology while travelling. In THEORY, I can talk to people all over the world with my mobile – at murderous prices and so far I can talk to anyone I like in India but no where else – which would seem to negate the so called travel connectivity package Rogers sold me. I can email, post and work off my laptop everywhere – as long as there is that connectivity and a common “tech” language when nothing wants to talk to each other; I can listen to music and read a book – as long as I have power and aren’t too exhausted to do more than collapse in bed after a very long day! Inevitably we are staying in rooms with like one extra plug and Barb and I do this complicated dance to see who gets to recharge first!
“In the old days” I’d send the odd postcard/letter and swap books with fellow travellers. Have I just completely dated myself?
So back to Narlai – we danced ourselves silly and sweaty and had a marvellous time. I am constantly amazed and pleased by how very comfortable and safe I feel here most of the time. Oh of course in the cities you have to take precautions, be extra careful and not be a tempting target but we spent several hours completely and very closely surrounded by total strangers and all I could think was how much fun it was – wouldn’t do that in Toronto these days – well not that I go clubbing these days anyway really. And believe me, my fragile knees had things to say the next day but if you want to dance you have to pay the piper….!
So then onto

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