My last posting got dropped by the wonky connections which is why it reads as it does. So some real catching up.
I’m back in Delhi now and yesterday was pretty much a down day. We did laundry – piles & piles – sorted through pictures, heard all about each others adventures and Mary, Barbara, Florence and I went to an Ayervedic centre in the late afternoon for “consultations and treatments”. Speaking only for myself as we each had different treatments – it was really interesting and I  walked out of there rejuvinated. First a consult with the doctor who determines your DHOSA (sp?) – body type which is usually a combination of two or more and then a treatment program based on that and any specific problems you might have. I ended up on a teak table with two women oiling me up and then using vigourous sweeping movements all up and down my body – front and back, top and bottom. I then sat on a stool and had ointments and warm oils – different ones – massaged into my hair AND then I sat in a sweat box for another 10/15 minutes! I came out of there glowing, red, greasy and thoroughly relaxed! Once again no problem getting to sleep, although for different reasons.
Today we are off to Lodi Market to buy pashminas (yah more shopping!) (BTW every language uses “shopping” as far as I can tell) and to meet with Dr. Navina Jafa to visit the Qutub Minar and the Craft Museum.
Tomorrow the whole clan heads to Tamil Nadu, Chennai and Puducherry. I haven’t travelled with youngsters in quite a while so this should be entertaining!
We have seen innumerable palaces and forts and cities and villages and at the moment it all seems to be blurring together so some hilights:
Dancing in Narlai was a true high point – dancing into the sewer was not! Beware enthusiastic partners! Believe me when I say I scrubbed my feet with boiling water, soap, Detol and more Detol and the same for the shoes, which I haven’t been able to bring myself to wear again. I am SERIOUSLY pleased I didn’t have any cuts or blisters…..
Anil our driver was another very high point. I have seldom met such a calm and kind man. He is extremely simple in the very best interpretation of the word, not dumb by any means but just with a clear view of the world and  his position in it. I imagine when you have that, then all the rest seems to fall into place. He has a rather forbidding aspect until he smiles and then his whole face lights up – I defy the grumpiest person to stay so in the face of such joy. I confess to going out of my way to get him to smile. The surest way was to get him talking about his wife and two children. An arranged marriage at 21 to a girl he had never even seen before the wedding!
Oh dear – pashmina time!

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