Tamil Nadu

Ok so now we are in the south. Yesterday morning up at 03:30 and off to the airport for a 6:30 flight – freezing cold and very foggy. We sat on the tarmak for two hours sealing in cotton batten – couldn’t even see the wings, never mind the tips. Eventually we took off but I was concerned about our connecting flight further south to Madurai – no need to fuss as it turned out, we were met at our plane, transferred to a bus, whipped over to the other aircraft – which they held for us AND our luggage made it as well. A hearty hoorah for Jetway!!!

So freezing, foggy Delhi to sunny, humid and 38 c. Madurai – what a switch! Our drive Kumar picked us up at the airport and off we toddled to our hotel. Everyone was bagged, Henri is battling something, Mary is exhausted and I’ve been attacked by nasty little bugs. The total upside is this magnificent hotel – lovely bungalows scattered around the green and flowered grounds

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