Back to reality

Well it has been a long time since last I posted! Upon my return in May from three months of travels, I was completely immersed in long term health issues with both parents. SO it has been an extremely challenging year indeed and I have come to a great appreciation of both our healthcare system – despite what the pundits say – and the people who make it all work, doctors, nurses and care givers alike!!! I am off to Rome for my customary two months, once again working on my Italian and spending time with my sweetie. I can’t wait! I think I have certainly earned this time and it is really necessary to restore my personal balance. One of the things I did accomplish over the summer was to switch over completely to Apple and it was not QUITE as simple as they’d like you to believe. As a result I have had to switch to a new – Apple supported – blog site. In future you can find me at Pretty much the same just a slightly different site. Of course this is all new; new formatting, widgets, gidgets, fonts and whatnot so please do bear with me. I am assured that I will be able to do all sorts of nifty things like actually post pictures without tearing my hair out. We shall see….. I look forward to more frequent and better posting so please do stay connected at the new blog….