Delhi Daze

Yesterday was indeed a daze but a mostly pleasurable one. The hotel I am staying in is set in about 8 acres of gardens and I sat outside for a couple of hours waiting on my BLOG designer – not joy there but the ambiance was delightful. It was about 35 c. and probably 100% humidity, the cicadas were droning high in the trees, there were echelons of dragonflies zipping up and down the lawn, and the sound of the gardener’s clippers was completely soporific. I choose it because it looked like it would be a calm oasis in the midst of the chaos of India and it is fulfilling that purpose admirably.

I had earlier been in touch with acquaintances from my previous visit and they invited me to dinner last evening. What a delightful couple. Micky picked me up at the hotel, Sheeba cooked a fantastic Indian dinner for me and both their grown children joined us as well. Such warm hospitality is truly exceptional. As Sheeba says, they have had the benefit of this kind of kindness themselves and so “pay it forward” as well. Today Sheeba picked me up and we went shopping in none touristy spots – I bought some delightful cotton tunics – kurtas (short) and sawar kameez (long), trousers both pajama and legging style. All necessary purchases to cope with the heat of course.

I now have an Indian phone, all sorts of contact info, people to visit in Amritsar, more dinner invitations and it appears an adopted family in Delhi!

The other delightful part of the day started first thing this morning when I ventured into the hotel spa – bliss – where I had a hot oil massage – lots of long sweeping strokes followed by warm oil gently streaming over my forehead and through my hair. It does cause the bones to melt – well documented fact! I then wafted over to the salon for a wash and blow dry done by two men, one to hold the dryer and one the brush oddly enough – my hair feels like the finest silk and actually has a sheen to it. In any case I am back to better than normal, jet lag is banished and I am ready to meet my travelling companions and head off to Jammu & Kashmir. Our first stop in Leh is supposed to be spectacularly beautiful.

Time to meet the others for an introductory dinner so I shall sign off now.

5 thoughts on “Delhi Daze

  1. Grace wants to be in India with you. The plants are still alive 3 days later! So glad the world is welcoming in a 24 hour fear filled news cycle. Proving that we are all just people on a grand journey. Rob just wants to have your massage everyday. Back is still a mess. Enjoy the next adventure and food filled day!

    Much love from us all

    Clan Vidal-Ribas Smith

  2. So how are the others in your tour? I just tucked in my big little guys, delicious its the best of my evry day. i am doing my own little meditation journey. Must say I am enjoying the process though the random noise is still winning over my “oms”. Gvr

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