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At the moment I am sitting in the soft early morning light of Dal Lake in Srinagar. The contrast between Ladakh and here is phenomenal. I will get into it somemore later but I want to finish the story of Ladakh first.

The day we had at Hemis monastery was a fitting introduction to the people, the religion and the area. Ladakhans are predominantly Buddhist and have traditionally been somewhat of a matriarchal society, certainly women here have much greater freedom and autonomy than anywhere else I have experienced in India – admittedly a limited sampling – and the society reflects that. Women seem to hold the land, they work alongside the men, and can marry and divorce by their own choice. It certainly makes for a comfortable environment for a bunch of independent western women!

Over all I find them to be a most courteous people and “happy” if one can broad stroke such a thing. There seems to be a security within their Buddhism which provides a practical and very pragmatic base for their lives. One must strive to become a good Buddhist of course but they recognize that the realities of life will sometimes preclude following the tenets absolutely. I have to say I really like a religion which is so understanding of human frailties!

Tsering has been doing his patient best to educate us, in a small way on some of the intricacies of the  religion and like most I suppose, it looks exceedingly simple until you start delving into it and then it is like a calm lake on the surface with a whole world underneath. There are two main philosophies of thought which form the backbone and innumerable waypoints from there. I may be wrong but it appears that unlike virtually every other major religion, the adherents of each philosophy don’t fight each other – which is extraordinary if you look at the histories of various religious wars through the ages.


2 thoughts on “More Buddhism

  1. I am amazed by this world you describe – also always thought the monks wore saffron robes – not the rich brick these ones are and the hats are a surprise too. Love the education! travel safely, Love, Sharon

  2. Sadly I am just catching up on your travels Kim and as usual your prose take us on the journey with you..I think I am starting backwards( a flood in our basement last week, technology failures, and my lack of dedication to looking at email once I am home, has me staring at 320 unopened emails.. the frustration of my everyday.. email makes me feel like a failure never ahead of it.. .. I anxiously and excitedly will embark on the rest of your trip now! safe travels hon. Love Grace

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