Back to Leh

We returned to Leh along the same twisty, treacherous road – minus the snowstorm and booked back into our hotel – lovely warm reception. After a much needed shower but still no hot water and change of clothes we ventured out shopping along the main street with patient Tsering in tow. Angus our sole man on the trip sensibly passed but Tsering didn’t have any choice but to accompany 8 women with gleams in their eyes. Necklaces and carpets, shawls and pillow covers, and for me two superb Thankas (sp?). These are meditation/instruction aids. One is a Wheel of Life taken from a monastery wall painting we visited on our way back from Pangong Lake which resonated very strongly for me and the other is a striking depiction of the philosophy of emptiness or oblivion. The idea being to let go of the illusion of control amongst other things. Those who know me well will recognize that that concept is one I surely need to work on!

I had hoped to go out for dinner somewhere in Leh for some more authentic Ladakhan food which Tsering had recommended but the hotel staff had prepared chicken tikka especially for us and most everyone felt it would be rude to not partake. I think I embarrassed Tsering half to death – without thinking I asked him to please take me to dinner – one of the women then commented that I had a “date” which then embarrassed me. Don’t get me wrong I think he is gorgeous in just about every way but really, he is 27! Anyway we all ate in the hotel and had an early night – tomorrow we are on the road again.

Technical difficulties means I can’t post pictures today – Who Knows?

Julley (Ladakhan for hello, good bye, excuse me etc. sort of like Ciao I think)

One thought on “Back to Leh

  1. You seem to be quite the star in these parts of the world … must be the red locks and pale skin (superior intelligence and wit aside … ) Barbara aka TB

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