Pangong Lake, Continued

This morning I was up again at five – the light was just beginning to brighten my tent. I wrapped up in a couple of blankets and sat with my camera to watch the sunrise over the lake. A magical interlude, though very chilly – no-one else stirred until well after six.


Our tents are on the western side of the lake, so as the sun rose, the tips of the mountains behind me were gradually washed in the most perfectly clear, lucent light.


There is no pollution, no dust, and no distraction from the perfection of a new day – awe inspiring indeed!


2 thoughts on “Pangong Lake, Continued

  1. I was wanting to see the tents, thank you! Astounding the quality of light in the pics a morsel of what reality is like.. It’s peaceful just looking at that scenery way over here from the other side of the world. Nothing like mountain energy!!!!Apart from all this beauty I am amazed at your packing skills!!! Truly mistress you are incredible. I am sitting deleting the emails on my lap top- I am sure I could sync all this stuff but I am gaining satisfaction of wiping out
    ” stuff” between last night and today 1325 emails…. breathe that air for me- one big gulp. and HUGE hugs…and the pictures are spectular!

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