Rajasthani Musings

The beautifully austere Ladakh landscape with its valley pockets of greenery and slim, sparse poplars, gave way to the towering pines and cedars of Kashmir and its breadbasket farm land. Srinagar’s lakes and marshes have in turn morphed into Rajasthan’s flatter and gradually more arid countryside dotted with Acacia trees. 

We have gone from the land of Yaks and Kashmiri goats, to huge flocks of sheep and dairy herds; now we are entering the domain of the camel, with a slight detour via the elephants of Jaipur.

We have been in lands with both some of the lowest and highest population densities in the world.

We have been in untouched countrysides and the most urban of sprawls.

We have had snow storms, and freezing temperatures, fog banks, dust clouds and air dry enough to cause nosebleeds, 100% humidity and 40+ c. heat.

We have had sky so clear you can see the infinite and air pollution so thick you can taste it.

And we have done all this in a little over three weeks! Absolutely amazing!



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