Back to Toronto

IMG_5927Well a little time for introspection I think. A long flight and we still have about four hours to go.

It has been an incredible trip! I have seen some wondrous sights – from the austere grandeur of the Himalayas to the post monsoon lush forests of Ranthambhore. I have made more than a few superb photographs, mostly due to the generous talents of some phenomenal photographers. And I have learned a few important things about myself along the way.

The things that will stay with me though are the people I have met along the way. I have been so very fortunate. From Micky and Sheeba who opened their hearts and home to me, to Tsering who showed me a glimpse of another life, another way of life and his wonderful smile, to Puja a kindred soul at the ashram, to Natalie and Adam who taught me to breathe, hold a note and appreciate ragas, to Gorinder whose courage and clarity are inspiring, to Ramsingh who has the sweetest smile in the world and who took such good care of me, to Dicky who has such a great eye and finally to Salim who invited me into his world and showed me his passion for tigers.

That doesn’t even take into consideration the incredible group I met through Beverley and travelled with at the start! I have spoken about them before so I won’t elaborate now.

ALL these people have such generosity of spirit and heart, and I think more than anything else that that generosity will be my inspiration as I return to life in Toronto. They have set the bar pretty high but I shall try to join them as best I can.

Thank you for that joy!

And thank you to my friends who have patiently read my BLOG meanderings and posted many an insightful comment. I have missed you all!


p.s. in case you think I am getting maudlin – I also had flat out the best damned fun!!!!!

One thought on “Back to Toronto

  1. You too have made a big impact on me… Hope we’ll share another trip…
    hugs and kiss kiss

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