Yangon Again

I am sitting back in my hotel room in Yangon trying to catch up on two weeks worth of emails and make some new posts to my BLOG. I had had the idea that I would be able to write entries, save them and then post once I returned here but I didn’t allow for the extraordinarily intense pace we set on this trip.

Most days we were up around five, quick breakfast and then out for several hours of work before returning to base to download and edit the mornings shots. Then lunch and possibly more editing or shooting and then an afternoon of very focused work, dinner, more editing and repeat! It wasn’t unusual for me to shoot 1200 photographs or more in a day. I have learned an enormous about making a good picture but now I realize I also have to learn all about the post production and file management side of things!

I will go back and fill in more details for the BLOG but I wanted to share the two best photographs I have ever made in my life! I am so very proud of these….


This was taken at the Ananda Festival in Bagan, an annual event where monks come from all over to participate and Buddhists of all types make donations to the monastery. This young fellow was intently wrapping himself in his robes in anticipation of the start of the ceremonies.




I caught these two brothers in a small village on the banks of the Ayarwaddy River in Mandalay. The older boy on the right had just had his head shaved in preparation for entering the local monastery as a novice. His little brother was irreconcilable at the prospect of loosing his adored older brother. To me this photograph encompasses the beauty of Buddhism and these people – the tenderness is manifest.

4 thoughts on “Yangon Again

  1. gallery worthy!!! you sould submit to natl geographic Kim. very moving, bet gunfur is jealous of your talent!!!!!!

  2. Oh my Gosh. You eye has capture moments, emotion and movement! Beautiful pictures Kim. We are writing this enroute to Montreal from a ViaRail train. WiFi, good food and wine as Southern Ontario speeds past. Aaron is off to a basketball tourney. Oddly, our adventure shall have a different kind of magic. Looks like you are yet again exploring the treasures of this wee wonderful world! Sending envy, love and perfect shutter speed to you!!!

    Rob et al.

  3. I stand in awe – composition, colour saturation, emotion – it’s all there. You should be proud. Wow! Sharon

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